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Ferryhopper's Affiliate program

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Why Ferryhopper?

Whether your readers are penning down their Norwegian fjords itinerary, daydreaming of island-hopping adventures in Greece, or planning a day trip to the next Canary Island, they might find themselves scratching their heads trying to nail down ferry schedules and routes. But worry not! That's where Ferryhopper comes in to save the day. With Ferryhopper, ferry planning, booking, and the whole travel experience become refreshingly straightforward.


Why Ferryhopper Affiliate program?

Are you interested in becoming a Ferryhopper affiliate?


Here are the top attributes of our affiliate program that make it stand out:


Commissions on every booking

As a Ferryhopper affiliate, you will earn commissions on every booking made through your referral link. This means that the more bookings you generate, the more commissions you will receive.

Excellent cookie policy

Our affiliate program utilizes a reliable and long-duration cookie policy. This ensures that even if a user doesn't make a booking immediately after clicking your referral link, you will still receive a commission.

Top-notch customer service

We prioritize providing exceptional customer support to our affiliates. If you have any questions or need assistance with our services, our dedicated customer service team is always here to help.

Several integration options

Our affiliate program offers various integration options to suit your needs. Whether you prefer using links, banners, or widgets to promote Ferryhopper, we have you covered.

Best-in-market conversion rate

Ferryhopper's affiliate program boasts a high conversion rate, ensuring that the traffic you send to our website has a higher chance of converting into bookings. This means higher earnings for you.

3500+ ferry routes

With Ferryhopper, you can promote over 3500 ferry routes in various destinations. This wide range of routes allows you to target a diverse audience and increase your potential for earning commissions.

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